Airline Route Management Case Study A

In this case study of Airline Route Management we will explore a situation where there is one city, no destination. A pure simple examination of the type of aircraft needed to provide economical service to this airport and city.

City Information

Population = 20000

Maximum Passengers = 15000

Maximum Mail = 2000

Airport Information

Population of City within Catchment Area = 400

Mail available in City within Catchment Area = 50


Given that this information is on a per month basis we can make the following educated guess about the passenger volume at the airport.

Every Month there will be 400 passengers and 50 tons of mail at the airport. With no destination and no distance to the other airport it is impossible to determine what kind of aircraft would best serve this airport. A generalization could be made that any combination of aircraft which can carry 400 passengers and 50 tons of mail per month would be the most economical, although further case studies will explore the situation in more depth.