Currency symbols

Currency signs

Since OpenTTD r23582 and OpenGFX Readme 0.4.0 the Base graphics sets include a variety of currency symbols from around the world. These can be used when defining custom currencies, for example.

Custom currency window showing approximate values for Armenian Dram.

(Note: symbols in the table below may or may not appear correctly depending on your browser font settings.)
Symbol Unicode Country or region where used
$ U+0024: Dollar Sign United States, Canada, Australia, Mexico and others
¢ U+00A2: Cent Sign United States, Canada and others
£ U+00A3: Pound Sign United Kingdom and others
¤ U+00A4: Currency Sign general currency
¥ U+00A5: Yen Sign Japan
ƒ U+0192: Latin Small Letter F With Hook Netherlands (until 2002) and others
֏ U+058F: Armenian Dram Sign Armenia
฿ U+0E3F: Thai Currency Symbol Baht Thailand
U+20A1: Colon Sign Costa Rica, El Salvador (until 2001)
U+20A2: Cruzeiro Sign Brazil (1942-1967)
U+20A3: French Franc Sign France (until 2002) and others
U+20A4: Lira Sign Italy (until 2002) and others
U+20A6: Naira Sign Nigeria
U+20A8: Rupee Sign Pakistan, Sri Lanka, Nepal and others
U+20A9: Won Sign South Korea, North Korea
U+20AA: New Sheqel Sign Israel
U+20AB: Dong Sign Vietnam
U+20AC: Euro Sign Eurozone
U+20AD: Kip Sign Laos
U+20AE: Tugrik Sign Mongolia
U+20AF: Drachma Sign Greece (until 2002)
U+20B1: Peso Sign Philippines
U+20B2: Guarani Sign Paraguay
U+20B3: Austral Sign Argentina (1985-1991)
U+20B4: Hryvnia Sign Ukraine
U+20B5: Cedi Sign Ghana
U+20B7: Spesmilo Sign International/Esperanto (early 1900s)
U+20B8: Tenge Sign Kazakhstan
U+20B9: Indian Rupee Sign India (since 2010)