Trademark status

This page seeks to determine the trademark status of the term "Transport Tycoon" or it's derivatives (i.e. Transport Tycoon Deluxe) in various countries.

Please search your own country's trademark institution and see if there's a trademark there for the term "Transport Tycoon". Add your findings to the table below.

Trademarks table

Country Organisation Trademark search page Trademarked? References Notes
Australia IP Australia [1] [2] No
Canada CIPO [] [3] No
EU OHIM[4] [5] No Trademark no: 003759487 Application Withdrawn 14/06/2005
New Zealand IPONZ[6] [7] No
UK IPO[8] [9] No
USA USPTO[10] [11] Yes Serial:74590407, Reg num:1989227 URL: [12] Renewed. Valid until 2016 [13]

If you can't figure out how to add an entry to the table above, just enter a couple of lines here explaining the status and giving some URLs.