OpenTTD Developer
Real Name: Jean-Francois Claeys
Year of Birth: 1964
Coding Speciality: The French Connection/Map Array
Current Status: Active
Web site:

Who Am I?

I'm a Delphi programmer in real life. That could explain a few things, some might say. When i'm not behind a keyboard, or when i don't have my kid and wife around, you can find me near a water spot, mostly diving, with or without a scuba.

A long time ago...

What Brought me to OpenTTD?

I discovered OpenTTD with version 0.3.4, around september 2004. After a while playing the game (oftenly very late at night), i told myself maybe i could help a bit. You see, when i'm not playing or diving (my other passion), i have a real life as a programmer. So i though it would be fairly easy to make something for OpenTTD. Yeah right... First step would be, of course, to finally learn how to code in C. I guess i'm still learning!

OpenTTD work

That is where i started digging in the code: I wanted to get newhouses working. One thing leading to another, i've got myself into that tfc_newmap project (along with Glx, Egladil and Rubidium) that lead us to gain access to trunk. Since then, when time permits, i've touched a few areas here and there, doing map accessors, newcurrencies with newgrf, widgets not been restricted to 32, and a few projects here and there.

My very first commit for OpenTTD was the creation of the tfc_newmap branch, r3688.

Usually, you can find me on #openttd monday to friday, 9:00h to 17:00h GMT-4:00