whoever might need to know something about me, knows it
whoever does not know anything about me, has no need to :-)

it's as simple as that!

short form of my nick: dih


When I was looking for a name to register as a domain I could not think of anything that I would want
to live with for an unknown number of years. During one of the brainstorming sessions I remembered an 
old game my brother and I used to play in the early nineties on our Macintosh SE/30.

This game was called Hellcats over the Pacific (hotp).
At each statup of the game hotp asked the user to supply a word out of the games manual - as my 
brother and I simply did not have this manual (for reasons I shall not discuss here) supplying this 
word was somewhat tricky! However the friend we got this game from in the first place did give us a 
little hint: “whenever the games asks for the word on page 28 line 4″, not quite sure if those
numbers are correct, but it does ring a faint bell, “the word is ‘dihedral’!