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Script assisting with mass-invalidating all translations

stringlifecycle not published yet evaluate if to publish
Aircraft distance visible in order list #5401 orderlistrange patch provided waiting for (additional) code reviews to happen
CPUID coding correction: compilers make make a bad guess with EBX Pastebin 2966 cpuidtest patch provided waiting for code review by Rubidium

Contributing to patches

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"Transfer" and "unload"/"load" by using keyboard thread ordermodifiersduringgoto_* implemented split up of coding in smaller chunks, second pass on comments and readability; fix of remaining bug (see forum thread)

Patches merged into trunk

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Typo fixes #5394 r24900
Moving message settings (newspaper settings) into advanced settings dialog (major modifications required) thread #5361 r24845
Network Game List Name Filter a.k.a. Multiplayer Filter thread #3852 r24769
Settings Categories and Filtering in Advanced Settings thread #5355 r24671
Skip screen for "Preview Engine" if Vehicle type is not used thread r24660
Show only deviating settings in the Advanced Settings Screen thread r24647