Hello :)
I'm GoneWacko, a male from The Netherlands, born on the 20th of June, 1988. (you do the maths if you want to know my age... I'm not going to update this page every year)

I love TTD and TTDPatch.
At first I was a bit unsure about OpenTTD. But over time I have come to like it, especially since 0.3.5 introduced stable network support.
It was on 2nd January 2005 that I wrote my first patch for OpenTTD: The 'Create Lake' tool for the scenario editor.
I plan to do more work for OpenTTD and in the process learn the ins and outs of C (Although I was advised not to do so do so (with OpenTTD at least)).
I am pretty new to C though.


So far, I have created the following patches/modifications/features/experiments:

Working on:

I'm still doing some very simple patches to get a feel for the code.
I am trying some more stuff for the Create Lake tool, like highlighting the cells that will get flooded, and perhaps also do the flooding itself, immidiately.