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Real location: Florianópolis -SC- Brasil

Some History

I joined the community some time ago, and was responsible for the first five releases of the popular Mini Integrated Nightly. My idea was that there were so many cool patches floating around and getting forgetted on the forums, and I was so eager to try them all, and so were others, that a build unifiying them seemed like an obvious solution.

The first ones didn't work very well, mainly because I was actually learning how to compile on the MinGW environment myself (I have never applied source patches before). But then the third (aka. r2262i2) was an okay build, and people generally enjoyed playing it. The fourth (aka. r2361i3) got messed up because I tried implementing more patches than humanly possible (or code-wise compatible). In the fifth (aka. r2424i4), I developed a new patching method that worked quite successfully, and it was the most stable integrated I made. But, it all turned out to be quite difficult to maintain for me, specilly since RL stuff was going on, and I actually vanished from the forums for quite a while.

Thankfully for the community, many people managed to continue the build, and it is now being maintained by richk67, who is doing a great job.

My most recent contribution is the MinGW Environment setup, which aids users to get a compilation setup up and running on windows.

My thought was always that people should have the most easily access possible to the program sources, this including being able to see and test the work of others, and having the oportunity to touch the code themselves. I believe this makes the community better understand the work of the developers, and at the same time become more interested in the program itself. The end result always being more new ideas and inovation comming from as many different people as possible.