Mihamix - OpenTTD Developer

Who Am I

My name is Attila Bán (which is pretty much the same, as Miham Kerekes), I am one of those guys, who joined the project at around 2004. My main task is to organize the translators and manage the translations, though Bjarni does this job on the tt-forums, I wrote a WebTranslator2, which is now widely used amongst translators, since it became the official way of translating OpenTTD.

My other tasks are hosting these services: wiki, nightlies, docs, WT2.

Patches made

My patches to OpenTTD (not counting translations which got committed under my account) are the hungarian townnames patch, which is quite successful amongst hungarian players (at least I think this because of that countless positive user feedbacks :-); and the setting raw-material producing industry production values cheat.

Translations usually get committed daily...


I can be found at #openttd as MiHaMiX or MiHaMeK.

I can be reached via e-mail at here.

Private pictures

A picture from me (from 3+ years ago):

It's me at my workplace (created with webcam)

Another picture from me (at about 100 years ago):

This is a very old picture from me