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Are templates case sensitive?

Yes, except usually the first letter.

Can I add parameters?

Yes, see Template for instructions.

How many templates can I use in a page?

As many as you like.

I edited the template, so why didn't the page it is used on change?

There are some caching bugs. One way to force refresh is to do edit on the page in which the template appears, and to then click on Save page without having changed anything — there is no need to fill in the Summary field since there will not be any history of this as a change generated. Alternatively, refreshing by pressing Ctrl and F5 often helps. Another way is add "&action=purge" to the address, like you would for "&action=edit" (e.g, :index.php?title=foo&action=purge).

Can I use a template within a template?


How do I add a new template?

You start a new template in the same way you would start a normal page. The only difference is that its title must start with Template:.

Can I move a template to a new name?

Yes, this works in exactly the same way as normal page moves. When a page called for inclusion is a redirect page, the redirect target is included instead.

Where is the manual for the programming language used to write templates?

The language inside templates is the same language as regular wiki markup, but template writers tend to use the more complex available functions such as #if: statements. See ParserFunctions and see the other "advanced functioning" help pages listed below.

Template sandbox



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