OpenTTD Developer
Real Name: Owen Rudge
Year of Birth: 1987
Coding Speciality: OS/2 port; new music system
Current Status: Semi-active
Web site: www.owenrudge.net

orudge (real name Owen Rudge) is an active (albeit busy!) OpenTTD Developer. He has written or worked on many programs related to TTD, such as TTDAlter, TTDX Editor and the Transport Tycoon Saved Game Manager. Owen Rudge also operates a number of web sites, such as The Transport Tycoon Forums, The Ultimate Transport Tycoon Game Repository and his own Transport Tycoon fansite. He has also done some work on OpenTTD, having contributed the Bribe Local Authority patch, the multiple screenshot format patch, and other modifications here and there.

His latest work has involved a complete port to OS/2 (and general maintenance of it), and also a new music playing system, which, as of 4th January 2005, supports Ogg Vorbis, MP3, MIDI (via existing OpenTTD music drivers) WAV and also raw audio (the last one will likely be a development feature only), and also supports reading custom playlists from an M3U file. Three years later, in January 2008, he has borrowed the ScummVM sound engine and integrated it into OpenTTD, providing a mechanism for new, high quality sounds, and also providing an opportunity for him to resurrect bits of his old new music system patch.

Even when he doesn't have time for coding, Owen maintains the forums and keeps things ticking over there.

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