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2ccSet Vehicle List

Region Represented countries
North America Canada, United States
South America Argentina, Brazil, Peru, Panama
Scandinavia Denmark, Finland, Norway, Sweden
Eastern Europe Czech Republic, Hungary, Lithuania, Poland, Russia, Serbia, Ukraine
Southern Europe Italy, Spain, Turkey, Croatia
Western Europe Austria, Belgium, France, Germany, Ireland, Luxembourg, Switzerland, The Netherlands, United Kingdom
Asia China, Japan, Kazachstan, North Korea, South Korea, Iran, India
Australia Australia, New Zealand
Africa Egypt, Liberia, South Africa, Morocco

Metro Vehicles

Metro Vehicles
Name Introduced Country
Boston 01800 1993 North America: United States
81-729 1981 Eastern Europe: Russia
Brooklyn union gate car 1880 North America: United States
Budapest 1894 1894 Eastern Europe: Hungary
CAF 90 1997 Western Europe: The Netherlands
Cairo 1987 1987 Africa: Egypt
U-Bahn C II 1929 Western Europe: Germany
DLR Metro 1987 Western Europe: United Kingdom
ev3-200 1960 Eastern Europe: Hungary
London 1903 stock 1903 Western Europe: United Kingdom
London 1938 stock 1938 Western Europe: United Kingdom
Type M1 1973 Western Europe: The Netherlands
M100 1977 Scandinavia: Finland
M2 840 1957 Western Europe: France
MP89 1997 Western Europe: France
Pyongyang D Stock 1975 Asia: North Korea
Tokyo 1985 Asia: Japan

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