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The Z (talk)


My signature at the top (or anywhere else for that matter) should be shown in the Eurostile font. If not, search for it (you can get it for free), or ask me to send you it.


About me

I finally created an account here horray!

I used to play TTD patch (a couple of years ago) and have since been playing OpenTTD. I also play on Locomotion from time to time.

I have contributed here before but not logged in.

You'll see me doing all sorts of grammatical/spelling changes, as well as adding useful and helpful information.

I'm also an English > Bulgarian translator for OpenTTD.


I'm now also running multiplayer servers. They'll be listed as 'The Z - Public server game #'. There's no password and games are/should be autosaved every month. I have yet to report any issues. Games will last around 100 years, at which point they will be paused, the savegame archived and a new game started.

Games in progress

Public server game 1 - suspended (I'm at uni now; will be back up when I get my new laptop)

Settings and NewGRFs

The settings for these games are usually adjusted to be accessible to beginners. NewGRFs are utilised in server games, so you'll have to download them (most NewGRFs used are available in the in-game repository).

Platforms and versions

Server games will use stable versions of OpenTTD (and possibly some release candidates and modded versions like cargodist). Games are hosted on Linux and Windows machines.


If you'd like to send feedback or suggest a gametype, scenario or even request a map be played (i.e. one you've created yourself), don't hesitate to message me or talk to me in game (I play as 'The Z' - 'The Z server' I will not be monitoring).

Future plans

Other places

On Wikipedia I'm under the username The Z UKBG.