OpenTTD Developer
Real Name: Patric Stout
Year of Birth: 1983
Coding Speciality: SysOp
Current Status: Active (SysOp only)
Web site:


Who am I?

I am Patric Stout, born in 1983 (you do the math), live in The Netherlands, currently enjoying a study in Computer Science. In my free time I have a IT Service (read: Consulting) Company.

What do I do at OpenTTD

After 2 years of fulltime programming, and an other 2 years on-and-off working for OpenTTD, I finally gave up on mainstream development. In that time I did things all over the code, from NoAI to a complete network rewrite. From finishing up the new landscape generate (TGP) to writing dynamic pools (which allows many many vehicles). From 32bpp implementation .. well .. you got the point: many many things. I always enjoyed it, and I always did it with fun.

Currently my only duties are making sure all web-related things stay operational, and supply the current developers with what ever weird idea they come up with this time. So I make sure SVN runs, the nightlies are produced, stays reachable, you can request the masterserver, and more of those things.


I joined OpenTTD in March 2004. I started out with some simple patches like NewFace (never applied), then onwards to some bigger ones (a never applied BigMap patch, I already had it in 2004). Then, on a good (or rather bad) day, when the old SVN crashed and didn't came back, I took over those services. Slowly onwards from there I took over all the web-related things, and organized it into a more stable platform. Together with MiHaMiX we built the nightly farm, and because of that we now have a big archive of binaries, back to 2004 ;) Although this CompileFarm is now replaced with an ever better one, we were very early as project to have one of our own. After that I started to put more and more time in OpenTTD itself, made some big things like the new network code, things like cleaning up and merging the new landscape generator (TGP). In late 2007 I quit OpenTTD because it consumed most of my life. It finally gave me a chance to finish up my studies.

In March 2008 I was asked to finish NoAI, and so I did. In January 2009 it was merged to trunk, after which I left mainstream development again, while leaving NoAI in the good hands of Yexo.


I am no longer doing any mainstream OpenTTD development. Asking me to read your patch, to help you find your way in the code, .. is a bad idea; I won't be able to help you.