Hello, welcome on my userpage. For those who couldn't have guessed, my name is actually Yorick! My home lives in the Netherlands, the land of legal drugs and prostitution, as many seem to know it. I started playing openttd with the release of 0.5.1, when I found out about it on an update tracker.

If you need to know more, I'm online at IRC (#openttd) most of the day.

I am also a member of the Mega Clan, you can find their forum at http://clanmega.warlink.eu.


I also made some patches for openttd:

Flags in client list

This patch displays language flags in the client list (http://bugs.openttd.org/task/1866)

Rcon GUI


Locks and Aqueducts in scenario editor

A patch that allows for building locks and aqueducts in the scenario editor. Trunkanized in r13628.

Airports in scenario editor

A patch for WWOTTDGD that allows you to create airports in the scenario editor.(http://www.tt-forums.net/viewtopic.php?p=703739#p703739)

Pathfinder selection

A patch that allows for per-vehicletype pathfinder selection. Now in trunk