User name at tt-forums: "Zuu"

A list of my contributions to the OpenTTD community can be found below:




Please read more in the linked threads about each AI if you are interested.

A list of URLs (as shown in game) to my AIs can be viewed here: http://junctioneer.net/o-ai/

Game Scripts


View all my patches that has been submitted to FlySpray

Or view all my bugs reports, patches, wip, feature requests

The main feature patches in trunk that I have made are:

However, the size of the work behind the Widget Focus patch is much larger than the move AIs up/down patch. The devs should also be thanked for the time they have spent on reviewing my work and providing feedback.



Since sometime in year 2010 I've become a translator for OpenTTD. Below follows my own todo-list for the Swedish translation.

Other projects

Outside of the world of OpenTTD, I'm running a few non-profit projects: