Compiling on Haiku

OpenTTD works on Haiku. These instructions worked for OpenTTD 1.9.0-rc1.


Using HaikuPorter

You may want to use HaikuPorter. It will download and compile the lastest stable version and all its dependencies. Once you have HaikuPorter configured, just write:

haikuporter openttd

Note: If you run Haiku hybrid with GCC2 as the default architecture (the default download) you need to write.

haikuporter openttd_x86

Getting the source

git clone


OpenTTD requires some libraries to be installed first. All of them can be installed from HaikuDepot or pkgman.


pkgman install libsdl_devel

lzo and lzma

pkgman install lzo_devel xz_utils_devel

Fluidsynth (optional)

pkgman install fluidsynth_devel

MIDI SoundFont (optional)

If you want to hear music you'll need a MIDI soundfont. You can use TimGm soundfont.

pkgman install timgmsoundfont


Now we're ready to compile OpenTTD. Go to the source tree and type


Now you may want to download and install OpenGFX Readme, OpenMSX and Sound Effects Replacement.