Default cargos


There are a number of built-in cargo definition in OpenTTD and TTDPatch. These definitions include which cargo classes the cargos belong to. Changing these classes is not possible, as it would break all vehicle GRFs which have to rely on them. (This isn't even possible when bumping the GRF version.)

However, this restriction does apply to adding new cargo classes, which were undefined before. Old GRFs will not break because they do not use the new classes; and new GRFs can check the version of OpenTTD/TTDPatch whether they already provide the new classes.

Recently these new classes were defined:

Somewhat older, but afaik not used in released sets are these classes:

See the specs for the meaning of the classes.

Proposal for new classes of default cargos

Label Cargo Current classes Additional new classes
PASS Passengers 0001 Passengers

COAL Coal 0010 Bulk

MAIL Mail 0002 Mail

OIL_ Oil 0040 Liquid

LVST Livestock 0020 Piece goods

GOOD Goods 0004 Express covered/sheltered
GRAI Grain 0010 Bulk covered/sheltered, clean
WOOD Wood 0020 Piece goods oversized/overweight, neo-bulk
IORE Iron Ore 0010 Bulk

STEL Steel 0020 Piece goods oversized/overweight, neo-bulk
VALU Valuables 0008 Armoured

PAPR Paper 0020 Piece goods covered/sheltered, clean
WHEA Wheat 0010 Bulk covered/sheltered, clean
FOOD Food 0084 Express, refrigerated clean
GOLD Gold 0008 Armoured

RUBR Rubber 0040 Liquid

FRUT Fruit 0090 Bulk, refrigerated clean
MAIZ Maize 0010 Bulk covered/sheltered, clean
CORE Copper Ore 0010 Bulk

WATR Water 0040 Liquid clean
DIAM Diamonds 0008 Armoured

SUGR Sugar 0010 Bulk covered/sheltered, clean
TOYS Toys 0020 Piece goods covered/sheltered
BATT Batteries 0020 Piece goods neo-bulk, clean
SWET Sweets 0004 Express covered/sheltered, clean
TOFF Toffee 0010 Bulk clean
COLA Cola 0040 Liquid clean
CTCD Cotton Candy 0010 Bulk neo-bulk, clean
BUBL Bubbles 0020 Piece goods oversized/overweight
PLST Plastic 0040 Liquid

FZDR Fizzy Drinks 0020 Piece goods covered/sheltered