Generalized stations


Generalized stations

general station


Number Size Version Description
08 D Class label, see below
09 W Text ID for class
0A W Text ID for this object
0B B Climate availability
0C B Byte representing size in x, see below

B Byte representing size in y, see below
0D B Station build cost factor (sets station removal cost factor as well)
0E D Introduction date, see below
0F D End of life date, see below
10 W Station flags, see below
11 W Animation information
12 B Animation speed
13 W Animation triggers
14 B Station removal cost factor (set after object build cost factor)
15 W Callback flags
16 B Height of the station
17 B Number of station layouts
18 B Measure for number of objects placed upon map creation

Station flags

Bit Value Version Meaning
0 1 Template:en/Ottdp Only Available in the scenario editor<ref name="incompatible">Note that bits 0 and 7 are incompatible and setting both will make an object completely unavailable.</ref>
1 2 Template:en/Ottdp Irremovable<ref>Object cannot be removed through normal dynamite, control must be held and the removal cost will be multiplied by 25 (this is the usual behaviour for most class A objects in TTDPatch).</ref>
2 4 Template:en/Ottdp Anything Can Remove (owned land behaviour)
3 8 Template:en/Ottdp Allow construction of the object on water
4 16 Template:en/Ottdp Removal cost is actually income (owned land behaviour)
5 32 Template:en/Ottdp Do not display foundations if on a slope
6 64 Template:en/Ottdp Object has animation<ref>Setting this flag will allow the object's animation counter to be increased, must be set if you plan to make use of animations. Like stations you must enable animation on a per tile basis by means of the "built tile" trigger and callback 159.</ref>
7 128 Template:en/Ottdp Only available during game play<ref name="incompatible" />
8 256 Template:en/Ottdp Allows 2cc mapping for objects instead of the default 1cc
9 512 Template:en/Ottdp Disallows construction on land (also has bit 3 behaviour)
10 1024 Template:en/Ottdp Draws the water under the object<ref>Only applies when built on top of a water tile, also replaces the ground tile of the object completely. (Does not work when object built on sloped water tiles).</ref>
11 2048 Template:en/Ottdp Allow bridge over the object taking the building height into account
12 4096 Template:en/Ottdp Random bits in the "next animation frame" callback
13 8192 Template:en/Ottdp Scale amount of objects placed on map generation not by map area, but roughly by the length of the coastline

Callback flags

Bit Value Variable 0C value Callback
0 1 157 Custom slope check
1 2 158 Decide next animation frame
2 4 15A Decide animation speed
3 8 15B Decide colour of building
4 16 15C Show additional text in the build object window
5 32 15D Allow/disallow autosloping

general station tile


Number Version Size Description 0E B Callback flags
0F W Animation information
10 B Animation speed.
11 B Animation triggers

B facility rail: trackbits

B facility road: trackbits

B facility_airport: routing info

B facility_port: loading sides as bitset (load_N, load_E, load_S, load_W)

B facility rail: stopping position

B facility road: stopping position

Callback flags (0E)

Bit value version meaning
0 1 use callback 153 to decide the next animation frame
1 2 use callback 154 to decide animation speed
2 4 Template:en/Ottdp (reserved)
3 8 Template:en/Ottdp (reserved)
4 10 Template:en/Ottdp use callback xx to check if a slope is suitable (not yet implemented)
5 20 Template:en/Ottdp use callback 150 to decide if default foundations need to be drawn
6 40 Template:en/Ottdp use callback xx to allow or deny autosloping below the tile (not yet implemented)