Today, 14 November 2005, we had a small brainstorm session on IRC how Shared Tracks should look like. This was the outcome:


Aircrafts and ships

The easy part of this: allow other players, for a fee, to use your station and/or depot. You can fee them for landing, taking off, using the depot, buying something at the depot, and % of the income. Should be easy to build too :) More intersting are trains...


We have Player 1, Player 2 and Player 3. Player 1 builds a nice network. Player 2 wants to use part of that network. Now Player 1 can build a Toll-Port, which allows Player 2 to access his network. At this port he defines the restrictions he want to add to the trains of Player 2:

There was also some overthinking about what would happen if someone stopped his train on the track (if allowed, or via break-down). Normally, nothing happens. There only happens something when an other train is behind you and now has to wait for a red light. You pay every X ticks for his loose of cargo value. Now who pays if 4 trains behind eachother stand still? The first one, causing the red light. The X ticks are needed, in case everyone starts accelerating.

Now what happens if player 3 is allowed on the network of player 2, can it access the network of player 1? In general: no. Player 1 has to allow player 3 via the toll-ports of player 2. Here he can ask other amounts of money if he wishes. This means that if player 2 is a good friend, you can allow him for free, while asking money to player 3.

What we want, is that the info about the agreement between player 1 and player 2 is hidden for player 3, but code-wise this can be hard, so for now it is public-information.

To make this really to work, we need Celestar his patch for pay track upkeep!

You can build a toll-port at any place, not allowing any other player, to make sure he can't enter that part of your track. If you don't protect your stations, and allow them via the toll-port, they are allowed to enter ALL stations.

How do the toll-ports look like

They can only be horizontal or vertical tracks. They use a whole tile. A custom sprite will tell it is a toll-port

Things to keep in mind

Q: What happens when a company goes bankrupt?

A: [TrueLight] I think, if no-one buys the company, all track should be sold. I mean.. too bad :p

Q: Is a shared junction an option?

A: No! 1 tile, 1 owner!

How to do this code-wise?

I, TrueLight, have some (many?) ideas on this subject. First of all, no we do not have to wait for the new map-array. This is what we need:

Good tip from peter: combine waypoints with toll-ports. This allowing giving orders on the toll-ports.

Thinks to do next

When that is done, some things that would be nice: