Copying GRF to data folder
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This article or section is outdated. Some of its content may no longer be accurate due to changes in the latest release. Please update this article.
Paths and folder names are no longer accurate. Please refer to the readme OpenTTD ships with

This page will show you how to copy the required GRF files from your CD to the 'data' folder required for OpenTTD to run.



Now you can run OpenTTD!


Note: These instructions are based on Ubuntu / Kubuntu (Debian based). You may need to change these depending on your distribution.

A Note about Unix/Linux: Because Unix/Linux files and folders are Case-Sensitive, you may find that OpenTTD will be affected by Capital Letters. This is what the names should look like:

BASH Method

This method uses the BASH shell to copy the required files. This assumes that you CD Drive is /media/cdrom0. If you have more than one CD drive, then try substituting cdrom0 for cdrom1, cdrom2, etc.

Open up a shell, and navigate to the CD rom drive

cd /media/cdrom0

Then take a look at the contents


You should get a list of all the contents of the CD. Now on the disc I had, the GRF files weren't in a folder. If you need to look in different folders, simply type

cd <foldername>

then to list the contents


to get back to the cd

cd /media/cdrom0

Once you've located the GRF files, you can type

sudo cp *.grf /usr/share/games/openttd/data/
sudo cp *.cat /usr/share/games/openttd/data/

This will copy all the required files into the data folder. The password it's asking for will be your password. press [Ctrl] + [F] on your keyboard, and type '*.grf' Now try to open up openttd again


There you go! All should work!

GUI Method

Note: These instructions are for Kubuntu (Hardy Heron) only. You may need to change these instructions as required for your distribution.