Tile version table (New graphics)
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This article or section is outdated. Some of its content may no longer be accurate due to changes in the latest release. Please update this article.

This page describes some features, that are not planned to be implemented shortly, but were once a result of brainstorms about the 32bpp graphics evolution.

Project priorities

Sprite sets will need to be labeled for compatibility/ completness (so that artists can know whether they need to fill in the blanks etc...)

you must complete all red sprites (unless not applicable) to label as 1.0 compatible. you must complete all red + Orange sprites to list as compatible for 2.0.....

Priorities Description compatibility
Base sprites Required for minimum game play 1.0
Construction 4 stages of construction or more, potentially with extras such as heliports (office buildings) 2.0
Day/night All above sprites rendered out with Both day/night lighting setups. 3.0
Seasons Not technically sure if we need to do this yet 4.0
Misc tile animations etc... 5.0


Construction 1 Construction 2 Construction 3 Complete Old/dilapidated Extras (heliports etc...)
0 Rotation clockwise

90 Degrees clockwise

180 Rotation clockwise

270 Rotation clockwise


New lighting setups will be created for these.

however seasons such as Winter will possibly require the addition of snow. most other stuff will be managed through changing materials

Summer Autumn Winter Spring