Compiling and installing the unofficial Android port
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This documents how to build and install pelya's unofficial SDL 1.2/OpenTTD Android port.



Viewing Android changes

To view the differences between official and Android build, run commands from the directory sdl-android/project/jni/application/openttd/src:


There will now be a file named MainActivity-debug.apk in the project/bin directory. This is what you need to install.

If you aren't building for the first time, you only need to run


If you already have OpenTTD installed on your Android device, you will not be able to install the created APK as an update, and will need to uninstall the original app first. This is because you have built a debug APK, which is signed with a different cryptographic key than the releases from the Play Store. Also back up the application data, which is located at <internal storage>/Android/data/org.openttd.sdl.

Now, either copy the APK to your device and install it with "Install from unknown sources" enabled, or run adb install project/bin/MainActivity-debug.apk with your device connected, debugging enabled and the directory with the ADB executable in your PATH variable.

An icon for OpenTTD will now be visible on your home screen. Restore the backed-up application data now, or all necessary data files will be redownloaded.