Improved Shares

Improved shares is a coming-soon feature by TheJosh. The main reason for this change is to remove the ability to share cheat.

Planned Features

These are features that have been requested by users or that I think should be implemented

Either 5%, or a number of shares, with say 10,000 per company available. Interface may be designed to allow entering a figure of the amount wanted.

Probably based on value of assets (not cash), although may be a weighted value

How will this work with AI? What happens to the player that is taken over?


Patch 1

Update the company details GUI so it can show an unlimited number of owners, rather than the previous limit of 3. Don't change any of how the system works

Status: Patch made
Forum topic

Patch 2

Change the way the owners are saved in save games, so that its more flexible. Don't change how shares are bought and sold, just how they are stored internally and in save games.

Current system:

shares = array [ 0 = *player, 1 = *player, 2 = *player, 3 = *player ]

New system:

shares_owned = array [ 0 = int, 1 = int, 2 = int, 3 = int, 4 = int, 5 = int, 6 = int, 7 = int ]

where the index is the player number.

Status: Not started

Patch 3

Change how shares are bought and sold, so they are in smaller increments. Changes not allowed to bump save game.

Status: Not started

Patch 4

Change takeovers to require approval from the user being taken over. Changes not allowed to bump save game.

Status: Not started