Industry console commands


Help for industry console commands

The patch that enables these commands can be found at


Invoke command on specified industry (industries).


industry <identifier> <command> [<optional command parameters...>]

Command can be:

center Center main view on industry location (Aliases: centre)
count Count industries matching given criteria. This command will do nothing, but you'll see how many industries are matched by the identifier
info Show industry info on console. Some basic statistics like production, percent transported, etc ... are printed to console for each matched industry.
open Open industry window (Aliases: show)

Identifier is used to specify on which industry the command will be applied. Identifier can be:

all or * for all industries
name of town for industries belonging to given town
ID of industry for specific industry

Operators <, >, <=, >= and <> can be used instead of = for following matches:

percent=[value] for percent of production transported last month
production=[value] for production last month
thispercent=[value] for percent of production transported this month
thisproduction=[value] for production this month

You can specify multiple match conditions before the command. If you use more than one match condition, you have to separate them by 'and' or '&' parameter. Number of match conditions is not limited.

Some useful examples

industry production>500 and percent=0 info Print details about industries with high production from which the goods are not transported

Note: This help is for version 18 of the patch.

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