Infrastructure Sharing
Savegames which are created with this branch might no longer work in subsequent versions. They will for sure not work in trunk, even after IS has been merged into trunk.
Also, please bear in mind that savegames from trunk might not work in the patched version

Infrastructure sharing is a patch in development from a few users.

Originally proposed and written by Gedemon it was subsequently maintained by a few other users [1]. Currently there's a re-write in progress. Look at the tt-forums thread and post suggestions there or here ;) If you find problems, please always state the patch version or - if accessing the repo - the revision which you used.



Developers: Hirundo (aka Swallow), Aali, Ammler, planetmaker

Forums: Infrastructure Sharing

IRC: and #openttdcoop.devzone

Development Portal:


Mercurial Repository:

A patch against OpenTTD trunk can be found at the development portal.

Tags (Releases)

IS2.1.1 (r18667/hIS2.1.1)

IS2.1 (r18637/hIS2.1)

IS2.0-beta5 (r17973/h1767ebc9)

IS2.0-beta4 (hh2d98b8a5)

IS2.0-beta3 (r16532M/h56a047d6)

IS2.0-beta2 (r16141M/h4cd407da)

IS2.0-beta1 (hb40dd43f)

Advanced Settings (Global)

Advanced options
/File/en/Community/Patches/IS2 advSettings.png Option (sharing.) Default Description
enable_sharing false enables sharing feature
individual_allowed false enable individual settings (see next 2 images
new_individual_delay 12 delay (in months) until individual changes take effect
rail_sharing none enables sharing of rail, +depot, +station or all
road_sharing false enables road stops and depot sharing
water_sharing false enables docks and ship depot sharing
rail_fee 100 daily fee per 1000tons
road_fee 100 road stops fee per day
water_fee 100 daily fee for docks
air_fee 100 daily fee for airports

Individual Settings

/File/en/Community/Patches/IS2 indSettings.png
/File/en/Community/Patches/IS2 compSettings.png