Lev4 'Chimaera'


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Cost Speed Weight Power
£111,328 ($222,656) 643 km/h (402 mph) 300 t 20,000 hp (14.914 kW)
Running Costs / year Designed Lifespan Capacity
£3,584 ($7,168) 2037 20 years N/A


The fastest locomotive in the game. This is a dual-headed train.

Using this engine to its full potential may give you some headaches late in the game. As it features a glaring 33% speed increase over the Lev3, you will either have to build bypasses into your network, or upgrade your entire fleet – which only works if you haven't maxed out station length with the Lev3 already.

Also, this engine cannot go full speed on any bridge – the fastest bridge can handle a maximum speed of 611 km/h, but the Chimaera's speed is 643 km/h, thereby needing a slowdown to go over bridged sections. The solution to this is to raise the ground enough to allow for a standard rail.

Real-life Equivalent

No Real-Life Equivalent has been found for this train. Perhaps in a few years, when MagLev has become a real technology, you could fill in a Fourth-Generation MagLev engine here. The train does resemble the Transrapid 9(?) trains, as well as the Starspeeder 3000 from the Disneyland attraction Star Tours.

As the only multi-headed maglev locomotive, "Chimaera" is a good name for it!

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