CIV Build 1
The Community Integrated Version (CIV) is a sub-subproject of OpenTTD that is not endorsed by the main OpenTTD developers. Pages bearing this warning apply only to CIV, and should not be mistaken for official OpenTTD documentation. Please see Community Integrated Version for more information.

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Patch Trunkrev Maintainer save format changes additional downloads

random road construction r12733 Roujin

traffic lights v2 r12733 Roujin


menu jumping v1 r12733 Roujin


bettergraphs r12747 Roest

minimum distance between towns and industries r12766 wleader

Max Subsidy Distance r12766 wleader

Town Bride Building r12766 wleader

Town growth based on passenger/mails/goods r12781 Gedemon

More realistic loans system r12841 PhilSophus

Filter by cargo r12791 gule

Distant-join-stations r12794 PhilSophus

move clients r12767 Ammler

password arguments r12751 Ammler

max_year r12658 Ammler

ingame rivers r12805 Ammler

YAPP 6.2 r12810 Michi_cc

daylength r12805 Roujin

flags in client list r12837 yorick

Speed limits for Road vehicles r12850 Gedemon

tracksharing from subsidiaries & contracts r12850 Gedemon