Community Integrated Version
The Community Integrated Version (CIV) is a sub-subproject of OpenTTD that is not endorsed by the main OpenTTD developers. Pages bearing this warning apply only to CIV, and should not be mistaken for official OpenTTD documentation. Please see Community Integrated Version for more information.

The Community Integrated Version was conceived as a project to make the building of an Integrated version more open and democratic. Prior to the creation of this project most integrated versions were run by a single developer, and while those projects were done very well, they could have the problem of collapsing as the amount of maintenance work became to great or the lead developer lost interest.

It is the hope of the project to regularly produce up to date integrated versions that allow players to more easily test new patches, and for the patch developers to have their patches tested by a wider audience. It is also the hope of the project that it can be run in a way that allows the project to continue as participants in the project come and go.