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This page is not maintained. All relevant information concerning the base graphics replacement OpenGFX are found in its readme, including full credits, or at the DevZone
The history of OpenGFX here might be worth to be preserved and extended to reflect the development up to the current date


Graphical Credits

The credits for the artwork are available in the tracking table on the main page of the Graphics Replacement project.

Partial sets with code credits

While this list isn't sorted in any way, please keep different versions of one grf grouped together. If you coded a range of new versions of one grf, use one row, otherwise use more rows. You can use <br /> to start a new line inside a table cell. Well, just sticking to the newIndustries example would be nice ;)

  Set Coded by Changes with respect to previous version # Sprites
  newBuildings buttercup note: coded as newHouses; should be recoded to ActionA

  newTowns v0.2 Zephyris TBA 35
  toylandpreview buttercup n/a

  newInfrastucture - Airports v0.1 Zephyris n/a 79
  newLandscape v0.3 Zephyris TBA 1396
  newLandscape v0.31 buttercup cacti and toyland trees 915
  newIndustries v0.4 Zephyris TBA 120
  newIndustries v0.5 LordAzamath TBA 128
  newIndustries v0.6
newIndustries v0.7
newIndustries v0.8
Zephyris TBA
Oil refinery
Gold mine, Diamond mine
  newIndustries v0.9
newIndustries v0.10
buttercup Steel mill, Farm, Printing works, Food processing plant, Water tower, Pumping station
Arctic/tropic bank, oil rig/wells

  newIndustries v0.10.1 FooBar bugfix release, changed 3 bytes 392
  candyflossforest athanasios n/a

  newBatteryFarm v0.1 Soeb n/a

  newBatteryFarm v0.2 Soeb New batteries

  newInfrastructure v0.6
newInfrastructure v0.7
FooBar added tramtracks; updated tunnel graphics
bugfix release
  newInfrastructure v0.8 buttercup added toyland fences airports and bridges; few bugfixes

  newTramTracks v0.1 FooBar n/a

  newToylandRoadDepot v0.5 athanasios n/a

  newWaterFeatures buttercup TBA 1003
  newGUI v0.4 Zephyris TBA 964
  newTerrain v0.4 Zephyris TBA 953
  newInfrastructure - newBridges v0.1 Zephyris n/a 239
  newVehicles - Road v0.1 Zephyris n/a 583
  New Ships v0.1 buttercup n/a 34
  new Trains Beta buttercup n/a 404
  newEyeCandy v0.2 Soeb small ufo 21
  statuefountain.grf FooBar n/a 2

Personal credits

This table maps nicknames to the real person's names. If your add your real name here, it will then be included with the final release/readme/openttdaboutbox/whatever (if you don't add your real name, you'll still be credited, but only with your nickname). Please keep this list alphabetised on nickname.

  Nickname Real name Country
  athanasios Athanasios Arthur Palaiologos Pallas Greece

  FooBar Jasper Vries The Netherlands
  LordAzamath Johannes Aasmäe Estonia
  Soeb Stanislaw Gackowski Poland
  Zephyris Richard Wheeler United Kingdom

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