Graphics Replacement FAQ
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This article or section is outdated. Some of its content may no longer be accurate due to changes in the latest release. Please update this article.
OpenGFX is 'done' and released
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Development discussion at TT Forums
Release thread at TT Forums
Developer project page

These are some commonly asked questions, and their answers, about the 8bpp graphics replacement project.

To request or discuss graphics replacement and advanced features please use the forum thread. To discuss this page please use the talk page.



What is the aim of this project?

OpenTTD currently relies on restrictively copyrighted (= "All rights reserved.") graphics, this project aims to produce and distribute graphics without such restrictions. That means media which is licensed as free software/open-source or free media (like some of the CreativeCommons licenses). As such the data is still under copyright, but this time it will not impose restrictions. This project is named "OpenGFX".

What is the current activity/progress of the project?

The project is currently moderately active, 100% of the sprites have had a replacement drawn. Current development is focused on improving and bugfixing the graphics. The latest developments is best followed in the forum thread.

What is "OpenGFX"?

OpenGFX is a short and snappy name given to alpha and beta 8bpp graphics replacement newGRFs to make them easy to find in the newGRF menu. It may be the "brand" of the final graphics release.


How can I contribute?

We are looking for graphics and coding contributions. If you have graphics or a NewGRF you think may be of use post it at the discussion forums for us to have a look at and include. If you would like to help coding check the tracking table and discussion for graphics which have not yet been coded, code them, and post the completed newGRF.

What credit will I get?

Currently all contributors to a newGRF get credit in the newGRF description. Full contribution information (credits for drawing and coding on a per-sprite basis) is available online.

Who updates the tracking table?

Everyone! If you notice something is missing please add it!

Alpha, Beta and Final Versions

What is the "version structure"?

Where can I find beta and alpha versions?

Check the discussion forums for the latest developments in the graphics development. The tracking table should also be kept up to date with the latest downloads.

The final release

What structure will the final release take?

There will be two "sets" of GRFs in the final release:

Will there be any "enhanced features"?

Yes. Enhanced features will be provided in two ways:

What happens after the final release?

We make the graphics better! The intention is the project will continue, continuing to improve graphics and add more enhanced features.