OpenTTD Developer
Real Name: Thomas Farago
Year of Birth: 1982
Coding Speciality: Windows Porter. Project Leader.
Current Status: Active
Web site: None

Darkvater - OpenTTD Developer

Who am I?

I am a 23 year old male from the land of legal weed. Not that I ever tried it, or will (don't do it), but it seems as if most foreigners know Holland from this notorious fact, and that Holland is inside Amsterdam. I am one of the first developers to have joined the Manual project. After making one of the first patches, called "build on slopes" with a lot of help from Ludde, my biggest contribution has been the addition of new airports, and coming with that a completely reworked and flexible airport movement scheme.

Since then I can regularly be found in #openttd fixing bugs, applying patches, adding smaller features (drag-signals) and generally being there. I am also the caretaker of the Windows 'port', and supply the Nightly build for Windows.

1 - Yep, that's me, Darkvater

His first words

I joined the project on the 12th of March 2004, only a week after the announcement of the project on the TT-Forums. By now famous words were (trying to get build-on-slopes to work):

Session Start: Fri Mar 12 13:28:44 2004
Session Ident: #openttd
[13:28:44] Now talking in: (#openttd)
[13:28:44] Users: (14), Ops: 14(0/0%), Voiced: (0/0%), Regs: (3/10%)
[13:28:44] Join synced in: (0.03) secs

[13:28:50](Darkvater) hi guys
[13:31:46](ludde)     hi
[13:32:38](Darkvater) damn, it's a pain in the ass following what that program does :)
[13:32:47](ludde)     what program?
[13:32:49](ludde)     oh, svn?
[13:32:54](Darkvater) no, openttd :)