What's this? Oh right, a page about me. Let's see, what should should I put in here?!

First, let me thank all OpenTTD developers, all NewGRF developers and all other contributers for making this wonderful game even better, ever day!


(O)TTD and Me

I'm playing TTD on and off ever since I got the game as a christmas present, that must have been 1999. Four years ago I got myself a laptop computer running XP. I was very disappointed when I discovered that Transport Tycoon Deluxe didn't run on the damn thing, so I kept playing the game on my parents desktop which still ran Win98 back then; and TTD ;) Some months after I got that laptop, a friend of mine pointed my nose into the right direction. The OpenTTD direction! And I'm playing it ever since. I should be able to find out the exact date I started playing OpenTTD, because the installer I used back then should be somewhere on my hard drive. I'll look into that much later...

Note to self: figure out when I started playing OTTD.

TT-Forums and Me

On the 21st of May 2007 I registered at TT-Forums after lurking for several months. I don't know what my first post was back then, but it's probably something stupid as in 'did I register just to say that?'. Anyways, after some time I felt I needed to contribute to the game and the community. There were several options: donate money; play the game even more; do something creative. I chose the latter, and started creating NewGRF.

NewGRF and Me

After doing some minor things, basically figuring out what NewGRF was about, I started creating a new type of tram tracks: New Tram Tracks. After that, I got involved in the Dutch Tram Set project, became the main coder for the project and even drew some vehicles myself. I didn't consider myself a graphics artist at that time. Then, I came up with the idea of a Maglev track replace set: the Transrapid Track Set. I also became interested in the Graphics Replacement Project and became really involved in that when I felt the urge to create one big pack with all graphics rather than all those separate NewGRFs. One thing lead to the other, OpenTTD was changed to allow base graphics pack and I helped what became known as OpenGFX to its first official release. Then came FIRS where I started helping andythenorth out with the coding process. That came to a grinding halt when real life kicked in, but Andy luckily managed on his own.

In the summer holidays of 2011 I decided to pick the Dutch Tram Set up again. I figured to recode it in NML, solve some bugs and add some new liveries in the process. The aim is to expand this set with more trams, but I'm certain that I will not be drawing all of those.

Apart from those major projects, I did some initial coding to get other people started, most notably the Modern Tram Set. I also released a bugfix version of Kolijn Wolfaardt's New Terrain.

Overview of my NewGRF Projects

This used to be a nice table, but I cannot be bothered to update that. Here's a simple list instead:

Me and Me

About FooBar

At some point in time, everyone needs to have a nickname. When that time came for me, I didn't know what to pick. That wasn't because I had a lot of options to choose from! The exact reason why I eventually picked `FooBar`, is explained in the very first line of the Wikipedia article None, I quote: "The term foobar is a common placeholder name also referred to as metasyntactic variable used in computer programming or computer related documentation".

About the person behind FooBar

Born in 1987, I grew up in a small town in the south of the Netherlands. Currently, I study Civil Engineering at Delft University of Technology. I spend most of my free time on computer related stuff, mostly OpenTTD and creating websites (for which I often use the PHP programming language, so Foo and Bar were not too unfamiliar to me!).

Thanks for reading!

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