OpenTTD Developer
Real Name: Unknown. (Pasky?)
Year of Birth: 1985
Coding Speciality: Original NewGRF support
Current Status: Inactive/Retired
Web site: None

Pasky - Occasional OpenTTD Developer

Who am I?

I'm a ~ 20 years old geek studying computer science on the Faculty of Math and Physics at the Charles University, Prague. I joined the OpenTTD project in April 2004 and since then I've produced an extensive amount of bugfixes as well as new features, cleanups and such. My most popular feature is probably the NewGRF support (and possibly the dynamically generated Czech town names), but I also e.g. made the town growth code to scale even for cities with population >10k, originally coded the AutoRenew feature and the rewritten Build system, and a large number of various smaller things.

I am a season developer - I usually develop in about two to three week bursts once per half a year. In these periods I am generally available on the IRC #openttd channel, otherwise you can reach me at I am keen to help you with your OTTD development, explaining the code in OTTD I am familiar with etc even off-season. :-)

His first words

I joined the project on 2004-04-24. First I squared up with the legal stuff:

14:34 < pasky> Huh, what licence is OpenTTD under?

...then making sure the OTTD developers are aware of what are they going to cause...

14:37 * -> pasky has one month to his mature exam.
14:37 < pasky> If I won't pass, it's your fault!

(I passed) ...and then finally getting to work...

14:45 < pasky> Hmm, and the build system itself appears to be quite funny.
14:45 < pasky> Would you mind some patches? :)