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Celestar's comments

For the multiple roadstop patch (MRP) it'd be helpful if we could store stop-based data in the map.

For this I suggest a struct:

typedef struct stop_t {
        //blathijs and I will think about how to optimize this: but a likely layout looks like this:
        uint8 status;    //whatever is currently in bus_stop_status and truck_stop_status
        uint8 slotA:4;   //a number > 0 indicates that the slots has been reserved. 
        uint8 slotB:4;   //the number itself contains the Time To live of the slot
} stop_t;

This struct should then be included in the station_t struct.

pv2b's comments


It's unclear what the intent of signal_t.status is. I can either think of it as:

If A, the comment about orange doesn't make sense, since the bitfield would have to be enlarged to fit the extra state. Also, I thought, manual bit-packing should be avoided in order to get more clear code.

If B, how are bi-directional signals handled?

An alternative for fitting 3 states (green, yellow, and red) and still not exceed 8 bits would be to get rid of the "present" field, and encode the same information in the status1 and status2 bitfields.

typedef struct signal_t {
  uint8 type:3;      // type of signals/presignals, maybe advanced later on
  uint8 semaphore:1; // semaphore
  uint8 status1:2;   // status of signal 1 (not present, red, orange, green)
  uint8 status2:2;   // status of signal 2 (not present, red, orange, green)
} signal_t;          // 8 bits

Anyway, if in the future, OpenTTD implements orange signals, it would be great. It will really have potential for smoother-flowing and more efficient rail networks. <warning>done and fixed</warning>

More signals and parallell tracks

This is a combination of ideas from Darkvater, Celestar and pv2b.

typedef struct signal_s {
  uint8 exists:2;      // Signal A or B exists or not?
  uint8 statusA:2;     // Signal A green, orange, double orange, red
  uint8 statusB:2;     // Signal B same as above
  uint8 semaphore:1;   // Semaphors or traffic lights
  uint8 presignal:1;   // Is this a presignal?
  uint8 entrance:1;    // Is this an entrance signal?
  uint8 reserved:1;    // Reserved for future expansion
} signal_t; /* 10 bits packed. */

union {
/* . . . */
struct {
  /* For squares owned only by one owner */
  uint8 tracks;               // Tracks laid
  uint8 track_type:4;         // Ordinary, electric(?), monorail, maglev
  signal_t signals;           // Signals. 10 bits
  uint8 ground_fences:2;      // Ground fences
  /* Total: 24 bits */
} track;
struct {
  /* For squares containing tracks owned by two different owners */
  /* Only 1 bit is required for representing which tracks are laid, since there
     are only two possible cases where this can occur. Bit is set if both tracks
     are North-South and is clear is both tracks are West-East. */
  uint8 tracks:1;
  /* In the arrays below, element 0 refers to either the northern rail, or the
     western rail. */
  uint8 track_type:4[2];      // Ordinary, electric(?), monorail, maglev
  signal_t signal[2];         // Signals. 2*10 = 20 bits.
  uint8 ground_fences:3;      // Ground fences. (Only 3 fences are needed.)
  uint8 second_owner;         // Owner of the track described in elements 1
  /* Total: 40 bits. */
} parallelltracks;
/* . . . */
} build;

Buoys and checkpoints

For now, Bouys are handled by the station code. But wouldn't it be nicer and more consistent for them to be handled by the checkpoint code? Also, there should be provisions for checkpoints that cover more than one track, IMHO. <warning>bouys moved to checkpoints. Maybe checkpoints needs a type too, to show custom graphics?</warning>


This is less important -- but shouldnt trees_t.growth be an array, so different trees can have different growth levels? :-) There certainly is room to spare in the union for this luxury.

Bjarni's comments

Another signal idea

Adding 3 bits to presignals so you get type A, B and C. A entrances would only look for A exits and so on. Since it is 3 bits, you can make a AC signal that looks for both A and C exits if needed An idea for a user-friendly interface for this is still needed through

Mathijs' comments

<warning>it was implemented the same was as it was in the old days. Space left to spare, so you can experiment if you want</warning>

<warning>just 'ballonnetjes'</warning>

<warning>look in the docs/landscape.html file</warning>

<warning>done and fixed</warning>