List of scenarios in OpenTTD
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Scenario news

OpenTTD release

There will be 16 scenarios in the OpenTTD version 0.4.7

Scenario list

Meaning of scenario status row

Status Description
In <revision> The scenario has been merged to OTTD
Downloadable The scenario may be downloaded from OTTD website
Finished The scenario is finished
WIP The scenario is in the developement state
Suspended No response from the scenario creator

The OpenTTD scenarios
Name Author Climate Status Remarks
Mountain Pass Korenn Arctic In 0.3.6

Volcano City Lucaspiller Temperate In 0.3.6

Linkgame Islands 2004 Sign_de Temperate In 0.3.6

Dinora Islands Bot_40 Temperate In 0.4.5

Super Britania George Temperate In 0.4.5

Big river Scia Temperate In 0.4.5

Cliffhanger Purno Arctic In 0.4.5

Great divide Born Acorn Arctic In 0.4.5

Canyonero richk67 Arctic In 0.4.5

Dale of Scandy George Arctic In 0.4.5

Africa and Middle East richk67 Tropic In 0.4.5

Echo Jungle Tropic In 0.4.5

Archipelogo 0beron Tropic In 0.4.5

Rusty Paradise Scia Tropic In 0.4.5

Islands Zimri Tropic In 0.4.5

Toy Train Purno Toyland In 0.4.5

River Curve DarkLoki Temperate Downloadable

Great Lakes richk67 Arctic Downloadable

Indian Delta richk67 Temperate Downloadable

Super Britania George Temperate Downloadable

Lithuania Killer 11 Temperate Downloadable

Beartrap forest Jungle Temperate Downloadable

Western hills Jungle Temperate Downloadable

Denmark IvanDK Temperate Downloadable

Toy Train Purno Toyland Downloadable

Greener on the Other side Born Acorn Temperate Finished

Ocean view Moriarty Temperate Finished

Fjords Brianetta Arctic Finished

Island chain Pon Temperate Finished

River Cityscape Mpettitt Temperate Finished

Alpine Wolf01 Arctic Finished

Fractual Islands Lucaspiller Temperate WIP

Lagos Swamp Jungle Temperate WIP

Denmark #2 Tron Temperate WIP

Finland Kemkim Temperate WIP

Cyprus Under The Sun yasinko Tropic WIP

Chamonix Lostinthemountains Arctic WIP

North England richk67 Temperate WIP Game load failed
Delta WJ Temperate Suspended

Vulcano island Teun Temperate Suspended

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