Map size
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map_x and map_y are two variables of Openttd.cfg file:

The Map size determines the size and shape of your map. Your map must be a rectangle with sides of lengths in powers of 2, up to a limit of 4096 tiles in each direction. OpenTTD allows you to select the Map size in the map generation window. A large map gives you more space to spread out, but a smaller map will take less memory. Therefore, newer and faster computers will be able to handle a larger map with more efficiency whereas a smaller map will be best suited to older computers.

Technical Specifications

map_x and map_y determine the size of the map. Each of these is calculated using the following arithmetic:

2 ^ map_x = number of tiles x,
2 ^ map_y = number of tiles y,
tiles x * tiles y = total mapsize

The ^ symbol means 'to the power of', so 2 to the power of map_x and map_y.

For example: Map_x = 10 = 1024 tiles on the x-axis, map_x = 9 = 512 tiles on the x-axis.

Minimum value is 6, maximum is 12 for both. This will give you maps with a minimum side length of 64 tiles (map_x=6) up to quite large 4096 tiles (map_x=12). The same holds true for map_y, so the map size ranges from 64 x 64 tiles over 64 x 4096 tiles (very elongated!) up to a square 4096 x 4096 tiles.