Old Graphics Replacement

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This project has been canceled and a new graphics replacement project has been started. Some of the graphics presented in this article might be used in the new project.



  Graphics Status Artist Permission Link
  Town Buildings Disappeared Zimmlock Yes TTRS (404 error)
  " " DONE Andrex Yes TTD Urban Renewal
  " " WIP - ? Additional tropic buildings posted by Marcel
  Transmitter DONE Andrex Yes TTD Urban Renewal
  Lighthouse WIP Octothorp Yes /File/en/Archive/Old 32bpp/Lighthouse.gif
  Company Statue DONE , finished Dec 2005 Red*Star Yes /File/en/Archive/Old 32bpp/Rs-newstatue.png
  Bank Unclaimed - -

  " " DONE Zimmlock ? total town replacement set 2 TTRS
  " " DONE Andrex ? historical "National Bank" from TTD Urban Renewal
  Coal Mine Unclaimed - - -
  Power Station WIP - ? Maybe use Zimmlocks power plant if we get permission? Another link: ZPP
  Sawmill Unclaimed - - -
  Forest DONE , finished Jan 2006 Red*Star Yes New version of the forest

/File/en/Archive/Old 32bpp/Rsnewforesttiles.png,

the layout for the sprites

/File/en/Archive/Old 32bpp/Rsnewforestdescr.png,

and the appropriate trees, created out of mdhowes versions (see below, under landscape):

/File/en/Archive/Old 32bpp/Rsnewtreesmodified.png

Info: I tried to contact him personally if I could use his trees. But after getting bored from waiting now since some weeks for getting an answer I decided to use and alter his trees nevertheless - because he set "permission" to "yes". (He seems to have been inactive now for a long time on the forum).

If anyone from the TTDPatch people wants to implement the forest, you can of course use it too, the *.png gfx are Open Source.

I've numbered the sprites for how they are combined to the forest ground. (Note that temperate and snow versions aren't indexed in the same way!) Trees are intended to be only used for the tiles which are NOT marked with an white "n" because there is the forest path Wink.

When all this stuff is coded, the forest could look something like this:

/File/en/Archive/Old 32bpp/Rforest.png
  Oil Refinery Unclaimed - - -
  Oil Rig DONE , finished Feb 2006 Red*Star Yes /File/en/Archive/Old 32bpp/Rsnewoilrigfixed.png

When implemented, it would look like this (except the heliport, this is an old version faked-screenshot):

/File/en/Archive/Old 32bpp/Oilrigv3 207.png
  Oil Wells WIP - ? If MeusH agrees, we may use this oil-well sprites created by him as 3D mesh (and then modified by me (Red*Star) by filtering it in Photoshop): /File/en/Archive/Old 32bpp/Meushsoilwells.png
  Factory DONE Born_Acorn Yes /File/en/Archive/Old 32bpp/Newfactory.png
  Farm WIP - ? Oz has made a new farm, maybe use it, if we get permission
  Steel Mill Unclaimed - - -
  Iron Ore Mine Unclaimed - - -
Company HQ
  Stage 1 Unclaimed - - IIRC, there exist dozens of different new headquarters of different sizes out there... it's just a matter of patience to collect them from the forums and/or the grfcrawler (and then ask the artist for permission, of course). --Red*Star 14:25, 25 August 2007 (CEST)
  Stage 2 Unclaimed - - -
  Stage 3 DONE Andrex Yes TTD Urban Renewal
  Stage 4 Unclaimed - - -
  Rail WIP MrFrans Yes /File/en/Archive/Old 32bpp/Rail depot 32.png
  Monorail Unclaimed - - -
  Maglev WIP - ? molace has created this maglev depot, maybe we get permission to use it
  Road Vehicle DONE mdhowe Yes /File/en/Archive/Old 32bpp/Road depot 32.png
  Ships DONE , finished Feb 2006 Red*Star Yes /File/en/Archive/Old 32bpp/Shipdepotidea.png /File/en/Archive/Old 32bpp/Rsnewshipdepotfinal.png
  Rail DONE Michael Blunk Yes Michael Blunk's Website
  " " DONE USSet Yes USSet
  Bus Stop Unclaimed - - -
  Truck/Lorry Unclaimed - - -
  Docks DONE Andrex Yes TTD Urban Renewal
  Airports DONE Andrex Yes TTD Urban Renewal


  Graphics Status Artist Permission Link
  All Buttons WIP Joed Yes http://homepage.mac.com/jbadcock/openttd/openttd.html ; see also GUI (New Graphics)
  Tycoon Faces Unclaimed - - -
  New Font Unclaimed - - -


  Graphics Status Artist Permission Link
  Dirt WIP Doug Ollivier (Alltaken) ? See Ground Terrain (New Graphics).
  Farmland WIP Doug Ollivier (Alltaken) ?
  Grass WIP Doug Ollivier (Alltaken) ?
  Rocks WIP Doug Ollivier (Alltaken) ?
  Tree #1 DONE mdhowe Yes /File/en/Archive/Old 32bpp/Tree-1.png
  Tree #2 DONE mdhowe Yes /File/en/Archive/Old 32bpp/Tree-2.png
  Tree #3 DONE mdhowe Yes /File/en/Archive/Old 32bpp/Tree-3.png
  Tree #4 DONE mdhowe Yes /File/en/Archive/Old 32bpp/Tree-4.png
  Tree #5 DONE mdhowe Yes /File/en/Archive/Old 32bpp/Tree-5.png


  Graphics Status Artist Permission Link
  Railway DONE - - CSRailSet v1.3 - new rails for your routes.
  Road DONE Andrex Yes TTD Urban Renewal
  Maglev Unclaimed - - -
  Monorail Disappeared George
New Monorail (network timeout)
  Tunnel Portals DONE - - CSRailSet v1.3 - new tunnels.
  Bridges DONE Purno Yes Purno's New Bridges
  Fences Disappeared Purno Yes New fence (404 error)
  Waypoints DONE MeusH Yes Monorail and Maglev Waypoints


  Graphics Status Artist Permission Link
  Trains DONE USSet Yes USSet
  Trucks/Lorries Unclaimed - - -
  Long Trucks/Lorries DONE George Yes George's Long Vehicles
  Buses DONE Zoom No xUSSR Set
  Long Buses DONE George Yes George's Long Vehicles
  Trolleys DONE MeusH Yes /File/en/Archive/Old 32bpp/M trolleys3b.gif
  Planes WIP Planeset No PlaneSet
  Ships DONE Michael Blunk Yes Michael Blunck's Website