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2cc Trams

2cc Trams
Artist kamnet, Voyager One
Coder FooBar
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Discussion about the development of the 2cc Trams can be found at the TT-Forums. Additionally we have a Development Zone for the tracking of bugs, features, files and file versions.

IMPORTANT NOTE! These two sets are currently being developed and are not playable yet.

About these sets

First of all, this is not a tramset, these are two separate tramsets - one for passenger trams and the other for cargo trams. They have been inspired by the 2cc Trainset and are meant to be as alike as possible. All vehicles have been drawn in dual company colors + gray. Also, all vehicles have been inspired by real historic and modern vehicles.

After we are done, these two sets will be fully compatible with original industries, PBI, FIRS and ECS.


The latest nightly builds can be found at bundles.openttdcoop.org/trams-2cc/push/LATEST/.

Table of included vehicles

Note that this list contains vehicles that will eventually be included, once these sets are done.

Passenger trams

Passenger Trams
Name Country Intro year
New Orleans Lamm Fireless Steam Engine USA 1872
London John Grantham's Steam Car UK 1873
Paris Lamm & Francq Fireless Steam Engine France 1874
Nantes Mékarski Compressed Air Tram France 1876
Sydney Baldwin Steam Motor Tram Australia 1879
St. Petersburg Krauss Steam Tram Russia 1880
Christchurch 'Rowan Patent' Steam Engine New Zealand 1881
Manchester 'Wilkinson Patent' Engine UK 1884
Richmond Sprague Electric Motor Streetcar USA 1886
Bern Mékarski Compressed Air Tram Switzerland 1889
Vienna SB Tw 1-15 Austria 1893
Manx Electric Car 4-9 UK 1894
Sydney C Class Single Truck Saloon Australia 1896
Moscow Oerlikon Tramcar Russia 1896
Paris Purrey Steam Tram Double Deck France 1898
Lodz Herbrand Car Poland 1898
Oslo Type S Norway 1899
Lisbon Brill 203-282 Portugal 1901
Kolkata Tram India 1902
Vienna SB Tw 20-29 Austria 1903
Cleveland Interurban Standard Wood Coach USA 1904
Rotterdam 21-70 'Drieramers' Netherlands 1906
St. Petersburg MB Power Car Russia 1907
Berlin Maximum 24 Germany 1908
Melbourne A/B Class 'California Combination' Australia 1909
Adelaide Type B 'Toast Rack' Australia 1910
Dubrovnik Tram Croatia 1910
Budapest Lőrinci Tramcar Hungary 1911
Krakow Sanok SN1 Poland 1912
Cleveland 'Peter Witt' Centre Entrance USA 1913
Sydney L/P Class Australia 1918
Toronto Transit 'Big Witt' Canada 1921
Gothenburg MB01 Sweden 1922
Melbourne W Class Australia 1923
Berlin T24 Germany 1924
Moscow KM Tramcar Russia 1926
Milan ATM Class 1500 Italy 1927
Adelaide H Class Australia 1929
Zürich Ce 4/4 'Elefant' Switzerland 1930
Indianapolis ACF Coach-Parlor Highspeed Interurban USA 1930
Sydney R Class Australia 1933
St. Petersburg LM-33 'American' Russia 1933
Blackpool Balloon Tram UK 1934
Toronto Transit PCC A-1 Class Canada 1936
Trieste Serie 429-448 Italy 1938
Zürich Be 4/4 Swiss Standard Car Switzerland 1940
Changchun 200 series China 1941
Toronto Transit PCC A-7 Class Canada 1946
Moscow MTV-82A Russia 1947
Amsterdam 491-550 'Drieasser' Netherlands 1948
Hong Kong Double Deck Tram China 1949
St. Petersburg LM-49 'Elephant' Russia 1949
Tosa 200-II Series Japan 1950
Helsinki 203-218 Finland 1950
Vienna Type B Austria 1951
Oslo SM53 Norway 1952
Prague Tatra T2 Czech Republic 1955
Milan ATM 4700 Italy 1955
St. Petersburg LM-57 'Dandy' Russia 1957
Sarajevo Tatra T3YU Bosnia and Herzegovina 1960
Sapporo M100 Japan 1961
Moscow KTM-5 Russia 1963
The Hague PCC 1200 Netherlands 1963
Brno Tatra K2 Czech Republic 1966
Dresden Tatra T4D Germany 1967
St. Petersburg LM-68 'Aquarium' Russia 1968
Frankfurt P-Tw Germany 1972
Vienna Type L Austria 1973
Amsterdam 8G Netherlands 1974
Melbourne Z1 Class Australia 1975
Lviv Tatra KT4 Ukraine 1976
San Francisco MUNI USSLRV USA 1977
Toronto Transit CLRV Canada 1978
Philadelphia KHI K-Car USA 1980
Stuttgart S-DT 8 Germany 1981
Oslo SL79 Norway 1982
Melbourne A Class Australia 1984
Brno Tatra KT85D Czech Republic 1984
Dresden Tatra T6A2 Germany 1985
Tunis TW 6000 Tunisia 1985
Nantes TFS-1 France 1985
Boston MBTA Type 7 LRV USA 1986
Nagasaki 1300 Series Japan 1987
Melbourne B Class Australia 1987
Toronto Transit ALRV Canada 1987
Pavlodar KTM-8 Kazakhstan 1988
Pyongyang Tatra T6B5 North Korea 1991
Manchester T-68 UK 1992
San Francisco MUNI LRV2 USA 1992
Strasbourg Eurotram France 1994
Vienna Ultra Low Floor Austria 1995
Sydney Variotram Australia 1996
Portland MAX Type 2 SD600A USA 1996
Manila Tatra RT8D5 Philippines 1998
Dalian DL8000 China 1998
Nantes Incentro France 1999
Tashkent KTM-19 Uzbekistan 1999
London Tramlink CR4000 Flexity Swift UK 2000
Milan ATM 7100 Sirio Italy 2001
Melbourne D1 Class Combino Australia 2002
Tacoma Škoda 10T USA 2002
Tosa 100-III Series Japan 2002
Ostrava Vario LF Czech Republic 2004
Houston METRORail S70 USA 2004
Zagreb CroTram TMK 2200 Croatia 2005
Cagliari Škoda 06T Italy 2007
St. Petersburg LM-2008 Russia 2008
Prague Škoda 15T ForCity Czech Republic 2009
Istanbul Alstom Citadis X-04 Turkey 2011
Nagasaki 5000 Series Japan 2011
Portland PSI United Streetcar 100 USA 2012
Cluj PESA 120Na Romania 2013
Lviv Elektron T5L64 Ukraine 2013
Toronto Transit Flexity Outlook TLRV Canada 2014
Cuiaba CAF Urbos 3 Brazil 2015
Los Angeles AmeriTram 300 USA 2016
Moscow R1 Russia 2017
San Francisco MUNI S200 USA 2018

Cargo trams

Cargo Trams
Name Country Intro year
Wantage Freight Tram UK 1881
Paris L'Arpajonnais France 1894
Dublin Guinness 0-4-0 Tram Ireland 1887
Hellingly Whiteley Tram UK 1902
Portsmouth Tanker Tram UK 1903
Zutphen Vriijland Steam Tram Netherlands 1904
Cincinnati Kuhlman Freight Motor USA 1904
Manchester Parcels Tram UK 1905
Frazer Island Logging Tram Australia 1905
Kislovodsk Tram Russia 1906
Oradea Freight Service Tram Romania 1906
New York Bulk Freight Car USA 1911
Montreal Express Freight Motor Canada 1913
Bochum Tanker Tram Germany 1914
Kiso Logging Tram Japan 1916
Prague Střešovice Cargo Tram Czech Republic 1917
Manx Box Motor Car UK 1918
Oslo Type S Cargo Tram Norway 1919
Philadelphia Freight Trolley USA 1920
Esch-sur-Alzette AEG U28 Mining Tram Luxembourg 1922
Budapest MUKI Wagon Hungary 1926
Melbourne Class V Freight Car Australia 1927
The Hague 2310 Netherlands 1927
St. Gallen Xe 2/2 Tanker Tram Switzerland 1927
Buenos Aires Interurban Freight Car Argentina 1935
Alexandra Timber Tram Australia 1935
Melbourne Class U Freight Car Australia 1938
Bernburg Mine Lew EL 3 Germany 1951
Odessa MTV-82 Freight Tram Ukraine 1971
Kaliningrad Tatra T4 Tanker Tram Russia 1975
Lohberg RD-60HST Mining Tram Germany 1980
Dresden CarGoTram Germany 2000
Zürich Cargotram Switzerland 2003
Vienna GüterBim Austria 2004
Amsterdam CityCargo 9G Netherlands 2007