Czech Sets

CSDSet, CSRoadSet, CSDSignalSet,CSTramSet, CSBusSet, CSStationSet, CSIndustrySet
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Artist Darkwalker, Greyfur, Marek, MiJ, Pedro_Zawislak, Peva(Hydrolog), Pnaky, Přebral and other contributors
Coder Laura, Minime, Pedro_Zawislak, ufoun and other contributors

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The community which has developed around server (99% Czech and Slovak) is creating and subsequently releasing their own .grf sets. Those are mostly OpenTTD compatible and made to reassemble trains, vehicles and roads current or past on landscape of Czech Republic (and Slovakia, as these countries used to be one, known as Czechoslovakia). Work is currently slowly progressing, but you can use these sets.

Most notable set is CSDSet, a set of train engines, including some very famous trains. Version 1.5.0 of this set will be released with cargo wagons( so far use of other set as DBset XL for cargo wagons is recommended). To be complete, we shall mention CSRoadSet which is ready in a new version with more realistic texture, CSRailSet which changes graphic of railways and CSStationSet, a great work of station buildings, with possibility of recreating real main railway stop in Prague (the capital of Czech Republic). There are more unfinished sets working on different aspects of transportation in Czech Republic and Slovakia.

To be noted, there is also Tramway set, which can be used when playing OpenTTD nightly builds, where is tramway support available. As of release 0.6.0 trams are supported by the main game.

These sets are partially incomplete, but worth trying. Bear in mind that while the licence used is quite permissive, it is not GPL.

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