Tips for beginners

Tips for beginners

For those players who have decided to try to try the xUSSR set for the first time, here are a few tips.

You should learn the entire article on xUSSR set.

The article touches upon all the most basic questions about the use of set - railway tracks, rolling stock, the parameters of the GRF, the economy xUSSR set. This will greatly help novice players.

There is a gallery of screenshots, where each player can see how is used in the game xUSSR set.

Download xUSSR set in the section Links. Explanation

Release - stable, full release of the set in which there will be significant changes, and add any new features will happen in the next version.

Nightly - work in progress, interim changes that will be included in the next release of set.

After downloading it is important to examine the parameters.

Study the parameters in the section The parameters of the xUSSRset.

All questions should be posted on either the Russian-speaking forum or the English forum. Navigation links are listed in the Links.

The participants of the forums, including the developers, will try to answer the questions. Before you ask questions, you should watch on the topic. It is possible that similar questions may have been asked earlier by another forum member.

This should not be the first time you have played a patchpack, it is better to begin by trying the official version of OpenTTD.

The patchpack contains a lot of different patches, the purpose of which may not always be clear to a novice player. In the official build set all the default values that the player was not hard to play for the first time.

After a detailed study of the work xUSSR set in the official version of OpenTTD, you can move on to the patchpack.

The first game should be started with the standard set of industries.

The player will be able to understand the purpose of each rolling stock in the set - locomotives, diesel locomotives, electric locomotives, DMUs, EMUs, passenger and freight wagons.

After examining the whole list of rolling stock, you can try the game using other goods - ECS, FIRS

In all builds of OpenTTD (the official version, nightly, patchpack) there is a chain of transport of goods. This is very helpful to beginning players, and those players who have forgotten something. To view the cargo chain, you should click the left mouse button on the industry. Then select Show chain.

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