Types of tracks in xUSSR set

Types of tracks in xUSSR set. The choice at the beginning of the game.

XUSSR set includes the following types of railway tracks:

The choice of a particular type the way in the beginning of the game depends on several factors:

  1. The start time of the game
  2. Settings that make the game more difficult - the infrastructure, increase the cost of construction around cities and other
  3. The value of the initial balance
  4. The player's experience

It is recommended to start with the construction of an railway (100 km/h), as it is the cheapest. It does not matter how much experience a player has. If the player first uses the set, it is better not to include additional settings that make the game harder (infrastructure maintenance, increasing the cost of construction around cities, etc.). You should also set the maximum initial balance - 25 000 000 p или 1 000 000 $. In this case, it will be possible purchase several trains. Once purchased trains will bring the first profit, it will be possible in the future to think about converting railway (100 km/h) in Electrified DC railroad (100 km/h or a Electrified AC railroad (100 km/h). All subsequent types of railway will be used by the player depending on the balance value.

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