Fallout Newkton
Fallout Newkton
This is the first of a series of post-apocalyptic-themed maps featuring the Wasteland newgrf, among numerous others that I feel can add a lot to the map in the long run. I know the newgrf list is lengthy, but frankly I hate how few authors seem to be willing to include some of the quality content that is available out there with their scenarios. Anyway without further adieu, I present to you Newktown, otherwise known as New Keppington in a previous life, prior to the global war/demonic invasion/asteroid impact/your choice of other doomsday scenario appropriate to the end of this particular world. Several giant craters inhabit this once-thriving metropolis, where now only a few thousand survivors scavenge what they can off the remains of civilization. Surrounding the central city is a handful of tiny villages living off the irradiated foodstuffs still able to grow on the land and from what is probably severely mutated animals. Minerals, ore, gravel, and water are all available in various abandoned areas of the map, overgrown and relatively inaccessible. Keep in mind, no one appreciates the destruction of their property, so you'll find repurposing those fields and side-roads a dangerous proposition for future growth. Required NewGRF: NUTS Unrealistic Train Set 0.8.4 CHIPS Station Set 1.9.0 FIRS and CHIPS style objects - v0.1.10 Original vehicles cargo set CHIPS Custom Docks v1.0 Wasteland Town Names Wasteland 0.4.0 Ore Unloader Station 0.1 ISR-style Dock V1.4 ISR/DWE-style Objects v1.1 ISR Rail & Road Depots v0.2 Industrial Stations Renewal 1.0.2 Romazoon Object Set Total Bridge Renewal Set Version 1.2 Town Walls Objects v0.1 SNO - Supercheese's NewObjects VAST (Objects) 0.3.0 Farm Objects Fake Airport Objects v0.1 Generic Skyscraper Objects Set 0.1 City Objects Czech Road Set 1.0 CZTR Bridge Set CZTR Effects 1.0.0 CZTR Rail Addons 1.0.2 CZTR Road set 2.0.0 CZTR stations CZTR Tree set 2.0.1 CHIPS Industrial Renewal style objects - v0.1 Beach Objects v1.2 AuzRoadAndTownObjects AuzRailObjects
Difficulty: Medium
Setting: Desert, wasteland
Size: 256x256
Relief: Flat
Quantity of Towns: Custom
Quantity of Industries: Custom
Based on Real World: No
OpenTTD version: 1
Author: Fuerfrost
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