Modular airports

Might it be possible to make player-buildable modular airports if enough rules and safeguards are in place?


Airport construction pieces


Runways come in short and long versions as complete modules. Short versions only support small aircraft, long versions support all aircraft. Lengths would probably be 5, 6 or 7 tiles. Diagonal runways may or may not be possible. Can be either dirt or tarmac, only tarmac can support large aircraft.

Helipads also sort-of fall under runways.


Other functional stuff

Airport rules

General construction

Construction requirements

Construction features

Movement rules


The hope is to design a set of rules that can never cause a deadlock situation.

In case a deadlock on ground does happen, the best solution might be to teleport all the aircraft to a hangar. Undecided if they should be stopped then, or resume movement immediately.

A way to detect partial deadlocks is required, e.g. one area of an airport has stopped moving while the other area are still moving.