Area Control



The goal of this API is to allow game scripts to assign certain behaviour to some regions of the map.


A region can be created in two ways:

More complex shapes can be created using multiple regions and assigning the same behaviour to them.

TODO Reconsider this approach and instead allow adding multiple shapes to a single region:


After creation multiple properties of a region can be set.

It remains to be decided what restrictions can be set using a single region, resp. when multiple regions with the same shape need to be used.


Off-topic: non-regional restrictions

Independent of regions it might be interesting to allow restricting these things:

But these things would be associated with engine types or towns, not with map regions.

NewGRF interface

Regions could also be used to set properties readable by NewGRFs. Most likely this is interesting for industries.

So the GS could define per industry type in a region:


As long as OpenTTD controls the production and closure it will try to meet the requirements. Otherwise NewGRFs will have to support it explicitly.

Immediate actions

It might also be useful to add some commands for execution in regions. Such as:

Other stuff