Bakewell Luckett LB-8


Bakewell Luckett LB-8 Bakewell Luckett LB-8
Cost: £($) Speed Lifespan
36,914 (73.828) 947 kph (592 MPH) 23
Running Costs / year: £($) Designed Capacity
6,750 (13.500) 1958 200 passengers & 30 bags of mail


The Bakewell Luckett LB-8 is the first four jet engined plane you encounter. It has a massive capacity, but at the expense of its reliability; it has a tendency to crash on small airports and has a high initial cost.

Real-life Equivalent

McDonnell Douglas DC-8 (The Bakewell Luckett name refers to two people associated with Microprose's quality assurance staff: Richard Bakewell and Andrew Luckett).

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