Lev3 'Pegasus'


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Cost Speed Weight Power
£96,093 ($192,186) 480 km/h (300 mph) 130 t 15,000 hp (11,185 kW)
Running Costs / year Designed Lifespan Capacity
£3,571 ($7,142) 2035 20 years N/A


Although it is the second fastest train and the fastest single headed train in the game, it is not that much faster then the Lev2 and Lev4 will most likely be released before you have finished upgrading your fleet to this. So it is normally best to skip this train and wait for the Lev4.

Real-life Equivalent

No Real-Life Equivalent has been found for this train. Perhaps in a few years, when MagLev has become a real technology, you could fill in a Third-Generation MagLev engine here.

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