Millennium Z1


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Cost Speed Weight Power
£70,312 ($140.624) 336 km/h (210 mph) 170 t (171,5 t) 10,000 hp (7.353 kW)
Running Costs / year Designed Lifespan Capacity
£3,374 ($6.748) 2005 20 years 25 passengers


With two power cars, this Monorail is brilliant for high-capacity passenger routes. It also looks very swish with a rake of monorail passenger carriages. When you have a long train, say, more than 8 cars, you will find the train never reaches top speed. Join two sets together in a single train (4 power cars total) to hit top speed on the flat.

Real-life Equivalent

The Millennium Z1 train seems to resemble the German "Transrapid" high speed monorail/maglev hybrid train in that both are high speed multiple units primarily aimed at passenger transit. Although Transport Tycoon Deluxe only appeared in 1995, eerily enough, Transrapid came into commercial use, albeit in a limited form, in late 2004 - rather similar to its service date in game, and was in development when Transport Tycoon first appeared.

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