High score chart

The high score chart is displayed at the Ending year and displays the five best company scores for the selected Difficulty. The high score chart can also be opened from the Difficulty windows. Click anywhere in the window to close it again.

Example high score chart

High score ratings

Depending on the company's Detailed Performance Rating, you are awarded with a title. There are seven different titles, as shown in the table below.

2050 High Score ratings
Rating Title
0 to 319 Businessman
320 to 447 Entrepreneur
448 to 575 Industrialist
576 to 703 Capitalist
704 to 831 Magnate
832 to 959 Mogul
960 to 1000 Tycoon of the Century


The high scores are stored in the file hs.dat, which can be found in the directory that also holds the Openttd.cfg file (either the OpenTTD program directory or a shared directory). Delete this file (hs.dat, not openttd.cfg) if you want to clear the high score chart.