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Historic content
This page or section contains content that is no longer relevant for the current version of OpenTTD. Please keep it intact because it shows some of the history of this wiki as documentation.
As of OpenTTD 1.3 (r24791), these settings have been merged into the Advanced Settings.

In versions of OpenTTD before r24791, it is possible to change the difficulty options on your game by using this dialog. Some options can only be changed before the game has started. Three preset difficulty settings can be toggled by pressing the buttons at the top of the dialog (Easy, Medium and Hard), or customize (Custom button). For each level you can also view the High score chart by pressing the green button below the difficulty level buttons.

This is what the easy difficulty menu looks like

Easy, Medium, Hard, Custom, Default

Preset difficulty levels. Select one of these to choose how difficult the game will be. You can also change levels by pressing the left and right arrows. Altering any of the settings from the presets of any of the three difficulties will change the difficulty to "Custom" instead.

Difficulty levels comparison table

Easy Medium Hard Custom Default
Maximum no. competitors 2 4 7 0-14 0
No. of towns Normal Normal High Very Low, Low, Normal, High, Custom High
No. of industries High Normal Normal None, Very Low, Low, Normal, High High
Maximum initial loan £300,000 ($600,000) £150,000 ($300,000) £100,000 ($200,000) £100,000-500,000 ($200,000-1,000,000) £500,000 ($1,000,000)
Initial interest rate 2% 3% 4% 2-4% 2%
Vehicle running costs Low Medium Medium Low, Medium, High Low
Construction speed of competitors Medium Fast Fast Very Slow, Slow, Medium, Fast, Very Fast Medium
Vehicle Breakdowns Reduced Normal Normal None, Reduced, Normal None
Subsidy Multiplier x3 x2 x1.5 x1.5-x4 x4
Cost of construction Low Medium High Low, Medium, High Low
Terrain type Flat Hilly Mountainous Very Flat, Flat, Hilly, Mountainous Hilly
Quantity of sea/lakes Very Low Low Medium Very Low, Low, Medium, High Low
Economy Steady Fluctuating Fluctuating Steady, Fluctuating Steady
Train reversing At end of line, and at stations At end of line only At end of line only (two options) At end of line, and at stations
Disasters Off On On On/Off Off
City council's attitude towards area restructuring Permissive Tolerant Hostile Permissive, Tolerant, Hostile Permissive

Different Setting areas

Maximum no. competitors

The maximum number of AI competitors. If you are playing a multiplayer game you may not want this too high otherwise other people may not be able to join and have their own company.

No. of towns

How many towns there will be in the game. This is also affected by the map size. A very small map will never get lots of towns, while a large map will have a lot more. This can be set in two places (here in difficulty settings or in the new terragenesis panel) when set to high you will have lots of towns and more passengers.

No. of industries

How many industries there will be in the game. This is also affected by the map size. A very small map will never get lots of industries, while a large map will a lot more. This can be found on the generate map dialog too.

Maximum initial loan

This is the maximum loan you can have at the start of the game. The amount slowly increases with game time.

Initial interest rate

This is the % of the loan you will be paying each game year. This doesn't pay off the loan itself.

Vehicle running costs

This is the cost per game year that all your vehicles have to pay.

Construction speed of competitors

This is how fast the AI competitors build. If this is set too high they will have a giant network running in no time.

Vehicle Breakdowns

This is how often your vehicles breakdown.

Subsidy Multiplier

How much the income is multiplied on a subsidy service.

Cost of construction

This is how expensive it is for you to build anything and terraform the land.

Terrain type

How the land is formed from flat to mountainous. This can be found on the generate map dialog too.

Quantity of sea/lakes

This is how much of the map is taken up by the water. This can be found on the generate map dialog too.


If the economy isn't set to steady, it may go into a recession, which causes a number of points to change.

Train reversing

This specifies trains can reverse, either at station, or only at the end of a line. Even with this set to "Only at end of line" a player can hit the "turnaround" button on the train interface to turn the train around.


This specifies if Disasters are on or off.

City council's attitude towards area restructuring

This is how willing a local authority is to let you build near and in their town.

In previous versions

Competitor start time

This is how long after you have started your company the AIs will start.

Feature availability

Intelligence of competitors

How intelligent the AI competitors are at building their tracks and running their company.

Feature availability